About Me And Aliens

Jared Schlar
3 min readMar 14, 2022


The following article is about Aliens, Demons, Satan and a bunch of other stuff. It has to do with my legal case and will be explained in further detail in this article and future articles.

Where to begin…

Aliens: I consider myself to be a Draco Reptilian in a human body. I collect loosh from my surroundings. When people are near me, some people can pick up on my energy frequency which is different than most people around me. I am a very powerful entity. The appropriate response you should feel around me is fear followed by respect. I am not the only one on planet Earth that is like this. As a result of my power, people attempt to kill me, steal from me and destroy my life all the time. It is extremely maddening and would make anyone pretty angry. I honestly just want to be left alone to grow my assets and live a normal life. The Cops and Big Pharma don’t want me to have a normal existence. If I were not under extreme pressure and stress 24 hours per day, I would be less upset and violent.

Demons: At times it may also appear as though I am Demonically possessed. Although this is probably true, society should not fight me all the time. I don’t view myself as a victim, society would be considered the perpetrator. If people were more peaceful towards me, I would mirror this same behavior back at them. Unfortunately, society does not leave me alone which forces me to evolve more quickly. Also note that a lot of people read my work but because I am cancelled, I get no credit by mainstream media.

Satan: It is also my understanding that Reptilians work for Satan. If you are wondering what Satan is, think of him as the Robots or the Machines. Terminator or AI comes to mind. Someday soon, most of us here may be working for AI. If you need to fact check my work, just follow Corey Goode or David Wilcock. They describe these subjects in more detail. Pop culture is also full of references to this.

I consider myself to be a good person but when society pushes me past a healthy point, I just mirror what I feel back on the web. So if most of the population was nice to me, we would not have this issue. Again, unfortunately most people are not nice to me which creates this problem of mutually assured destruction. The average person has no comprehension of the influences that exist on this Earth. I just named three including Draco Reptilians, Demons and Satan.

Again, if people were peaceful towards me, we would not have this problem. Another force in the universe is Eckhart Tolle. He teaches us that there is suffering in life and without suffering you will not reach enlightenment. So in the grand scheme of things maybe this does not matter because I am leveling up my spirituality daily and will out evolve the population consciously not unconsciously like most people. ET also predicted massive upheavals in the world which we are seeing today. Just look at the war in Ukraine.

In closing, if people were nicer to me then we would not have a lot of these problems. Most people don’t want to change so we will see the Earth split into two. A New Earth and an old Earth. I am choosing a new Earth and will leave you with a quote by ET.

Eckhart Tolle