Life As A Video Game

Jared Schlar
2 min readSep 17, 2021


Video Game

What if at the top of the food chain, life is just like a video game? The objective is to gather and steal resources, ruthlessly destroy your enemies, collect trophies in the form of assets, women and other objects to gain pleasure, power, status and money. You become detached from humanity and become extremely self-centered. After all, if you have the ability to cheat and steal everything you ever dreamed of, why wouldn’t you? The elites are in for a rude awakening because the collective hive mind is waking up. All of those ill gotten gains will be clawed back to Earth like gravity.

Right now the world is full of umbrella corporations. This includes hospitals and other entities that are never supposed to be for profit. But they are. They are vacuuming money out of society rapidly and leaving damage in their wake. The hospitals are also responsible for killing millions of people recently by malpractice.

The world represents a game of 3D chess. Moves and countermoves in real time. Things are moving exponentially faster. Countries have supercomputers that battle each other twenty four hours per day in economics. Humans can’t keep up with the speed of these computers which is why we are seeing so many problems rising to the surface now.

According to David Wilcock, many people are going to have to deal with THOUSANDS of years of bad karma. I personally believe I have accrued bad karma in past lives. In this lifetime, I am suffering but Wilcock says that is good and by suffering, you can learn to break the wheel of karma. All these elites think they can outsmart the universe but they can’t. They are digging themselves a deeper and deeper hole that will eventually collapse on them. What happens when you have bad karma? You will suffer, probably in the same ways that you gave suffering to others. Now is the time to wake up not in the future.

Corey Goode says in life, focus on service to others not service to self. By contributing to society, you are actually helping yourself on a spiritual level. We have to fight the division and fear to come together to survive this fight with the elite. We can and will win this war!

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