Living Life as a Video Game

Jared Schlar
2 min readDec 17, 2023
Video Game

Imagine if, at the pinnacle of the food chain, existence mirrors a video game. The objective: accumulate and pilfer resources, ruthlessly obliterate adversaries, amass trophies in the guise of assets, relationships, and various objects, all to attain pleasure, power, status, and wealth. In this scenario, one becomes detached from humanity, adopting an extreme self-centeredness. After all, if the ability to cheat and seize everything desired is within reach, why not take it? However, the elites might be in for a rude awakening, as the collective hive mind begins to awaken, poised to reclaim those ill-gotten gains, like gravity pulling everything back to Earth.

Currently, our world is rife with umbrella corporations, including entities like hospitals that were never intended to operate for profit. Yet, they do, swiftly siphoning money from society and leaving a trail of destruction. Hospitals, in particular, are culpable for recent malpractice-induced deaths, amplifying the game-like nature of life.

The world can be likened to a game of 3D chess, where moves and countermoves unfold in real-time, exponentially accelerating. Countries deploy supercomputers engaged in constant economic battles, far surpassing human capacity to keep pace. This rapid evolution is exposing numerous issues that demand attention.

According to David Wilcock, many individuals will grapple with thousands of years of accumulated bad karma. Personal reflections suggest the accrual of bad karma in past lives, but Wilcock asserts that experiencing suffering in this lifetime is a transformative process. The elites, convinced they can outsmart the universe, are unwittingly digging themselves into a deeper hole, one that is bound to collapse upon them. Bad karma, inevitably, leads to suffering, often mirroring the pain inflicted on others. The time to awaken is now, not in some distant future.

Corey Goode advocates for a focus on service to others, as opposed to service to self, as a guiding principle in life. By contributing to society, individuals can nurture their own spiritual growth. To overcome the challenges posed by the elite, we must unite against division and fear. Victory in this war is not only possible but inevitable.

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