The Globalist Agenda

Jared Schlar
2 min readAug 3, 2021


Based on my knowledge of how the world really works, there are several investments that I will never make. I will NOT invest in FANG stocks or large financial services companies. The profits derived from these entities are completely toxic. For example, you could make crazy profits trading FB options but it will kill you in the end. You are financing your own enslavement.

After doing a ton of digging, I have determined that the Globalists goal is to depopulate the planet to cover up for their crimes. Rather than admit guilt and go to prison, they would rather burn the planet down. At this time they will hide in underground bunkers or deserted islands where tourists are not allowed to go.

Their end game is to acquire life extension technology and then blast off into space to become a space-fairing civilization. Once in space, they will do the same evil stuff done on Earth but on a galactic scale.

It sounds like it is straight out of a James Bond movie but it is true. Once you stop reading mainstream media and see the censorship for what it really is, then you can start to see the truth.

In my opinion, there are some investments that are better for humanity. My favorite pick is GameStop (GME). You can read more about my GME thesis on my Crypto Blog. Let me just say that GME will become a trillion dollar tech company. At that valuation, each share is worth $13K+.

GME Valuation.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency also shows promise but it has been diluted from it’s mission since inception due to missteps and being co-opted by Wall St. I still believe in crypto but feel crypto needs to crash before we can see fresh growth.

Do not fail to underestimate the evilness of the Globalists. Most people don’t think like them so they never would believe in their malevolent plans. Also note, you will not blast off into space with them.

Keep reading alternative media and do your own research.

I own GME and like the stock. This crypto blog is my opinion and should not be construed as financial advice.