Right now on my Crypto Blog many people are searching for information about the DGAZF short squeeze. I believe they are doing so to find a case study of how GameStop (GME) could play out. You are probably wondering what are the catalysts for price growth of GME?

Firstly, here is a summary of my investment thesis as highlighted by Tristan Hindley on Linkedin.

GME Investment Thesis

In short form, this sums it up. Now I will get into more details for you

1.Short Squeeze Opportunity
2. Hedge Against Stock Market Crash
3. Better Fundamentals

1. Short Squeeze Opportunity

There has been tons…

The crypto bull run has been a free ride, 2021 experienced the greatest bubble so far, how long will this last? This current trend seems difficult to understand, and different from other times, a bunch of people live in disbelief of this new phase. A lot of manipulations seem to be happening in the markets, the stock price is influenced, the crypto prices look like a rising bubble…

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Video Game

What if at the top of the food chain, life is just like a video game? The objective is to gather and steal resources, ruthlessly destroy your enemies, collect trophies in the form of assets, women and other objects to gain pleasure, power, status and money. You become detached from humanity and become extremely self-centered. After all, if you have the ability to cheat and steal everything you ever dreamed of, why wouldn’t you? The elites are in for a rude awakening because the collective hive mind is waking up. …

Based on my knowledge of how the world really works, there are several investments that I will never make. I will NOT invest in FANG stocks or large financial services companies. The profits derived from these entities are completely toxic. For example, you could make crazy profits trading FB options but it will kill you in the end. You are financing your own enslavement.

After doing a ton of digging, I have determined that the Globalists goal is to depopulate the planet to cover up for their crimes. Rather than admit guilt and go to prison, they would rather burn…

Welcome to the Bitcoin Revolution where there is never a dull moment. This story contains my newest crypto market update. From DOGE to BTC, here is where I think we are headed in the short term…

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The Reddit post titled “Are we Headed Toward a Hype-Induced Market Crash?” written by an anonymous user has predicted a crash of untold proportions. The author wrote a summary which I will include but I suggest reading the whole article to get a deeper understanding of why they believe this, and the evidence that they provided. Here’s the summary: An ongoing battle between retail investors on reddit speculating on GameStop stock…

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I recently had the opportunity to interview Alex Agut, Product Designer from
HandCash to see what it is all about. I am very impressed with the professionalism, quality and speed of this Bitcoin Wallet. In this interview, Alex is nice enough to answer my questions in Q: / A: format about holding cryptocurrency on your cell phone. Readers will find our conversation full of product details and I learned a great deal about HandCash and their future prospects. Overall this makes me very optimistic about Bitcoin SV (BSV) and HandCash in general.

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Blockchain (i.e. Blockchain Technology i.e. The Blockchain) is a computer network that works by being shared freely among and used by many participants.

The idea behind blockchain is that there are times when it is beneficial to have a permanent record of transactions. Those transactions can be the purchasing of property, the sale of goods or services, or the exchange of currencies. In its simplest form, a blockchain is just a list of transactions using a medium of exchange. In its initial implementation, that medium was a “coin” called a Bitcoin. Subsequently, many other coins were created and those coins are all used in their own blockchain. As of December 22, 2018, CoinMarketCap lists 2067 coins/tokens…

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I recently had the opportunity to interview Kim “Randy” Jinyrul, a developer based in South Korea who you may be hearing quite a bit about in the the near future. Randy is quickly making a name for himself in the Bitcoin Cash community with the Beta version of the new QaRt Wallet, a new app that fundamentally change the way QR codes are used, and increase BCH adoption in the process…

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Storm Incoming

There are a number of catalysts which I believe will affect the crypto markets this week. Some of these include:

Ethereum is on shaky ground. If prices drop significantly, ICO owners will be forced to liquidate their ETH, creating a vicious cycle. Ethereum gets more fragile as prices shrink. I can see this dragging down the rest of the market as well when stops get triggered. All boats float at the same level. For the adventurous, shorting ETH may be on the table.

Bitcoin price target of $3,000 to $5,000 seems about right to me.

Historically, Bitcoin has gone…

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